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7th August, 2023

The Sandy 60 – A Land Cruiser Reborn

The Sandy 60 7

The old bus was found in Kalgoorlie, AU (Western Australia) in a car park with its hood propped. Needless to say, it was in rough shape, but that was expected. It was a base model 60 with old barn doors, a sandy taupe finish, a below-average interior, and an unassuring 6.2L V8 Chevy diesel conversion.


The intention was to make it clean, tidy, and reliable while also showcasing that an older vehicle can be well-equipped to keep up with the modern generation of 4x4’s.

Within hours the entire Land Cruiser was stripped, and the following days were spent repairing and replacing parts from the electrical, to the drivetrain, to the motor.

Rust was to be expected but the swamp water under the vinyl flooring was not. However, the team sought it through.


Although it wasn’t part of the original plan, the team decided it was a good idea to repaint the body while it was apart. Imperfections were filled, dents repaired, and a fresh lick of the Sandy Taupe was applied.

Off to the ARB store in Wangara, the team kitted Sandy with their full product line from armor to suspension, to touring gear.

The team considered the interior just as important as the exterior. New carpet, door trims, seat belts, aftermarket seats, sound deadening, and the ARB LINX Interface all contributed to the old-school new-school mix.

And after many months of hard work and long nights, The Sandy 60 was born.

Protection Equipment

ARB Deluxe Front Bumper

ARB Protection Steps

ARB Protection Rails

Custom Rear Bumper & Swing Out

Roof Rack

ARB Classic Roof Rack

ARB 2.5M Awning

Hi-lift Jack & Shovel

Suspension & Drivetrain

Old Man Emu Heavy Load Suspension

ARB Air Lockers

34” BFG KM3 Tires

17” ROH Vapours


ARB Twin Air Compressor

Safari Snorkel

ARB Zero Fridge Freezer

ARB Outback Solutions Storage Drawers

Lighting & Electrical

ARB Intensity 32

ARB Intensity Light Bars

RED ARC Power Solutions

Alpine Halo 9

Century Dual Force Batteries

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