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15th December, 2023

The most versatile roof rack for the Ford Bronco


When the team of ARB engineers were tasked with designing and developing the BASE Rack for the Ford Bronco, our wish list was to release a rack that was as low, quiet, and strong as practical while also retaining the functionality of the front hardtop panels.

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Developing a low-profile roof rack doesn’t just ensure the vehicle will fit in parking garages – it also keeps the center of gravity lower, it's more aerodynamic, minimizes wind noise, and provides a sleek aesthetic. Our team developed short blade mounting rails that allow the BASE Rack to add only 3 1/8” from the top of the roof to the top of the rack.


Noise reduction was next up on our wish list. Accompanied by the low-profile rack is a 2mm aluminum wind deflector that is form-pressed to follow the specific contours on the Bronco hardtop. This minimizes both wind noise and vehicle drag.

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When developing parts for off-road use, strength and durability are always a priority. For this reason, we chose the factory roll bar system and body as the main support system. This has allowed us to obtain a 285lb dynamic load rating. To achieve this, drilling the hardtop is required but stress free due to our waterproof gaskets and roof support brackets. BASE Rack is also manufactured from extruded aluminum beams with single seamless box piece aluminum and internal bracing putting the load rating for each beam at 50lbs.

4-door Ford Bronco BASE Racks are offered in 51”W X 61”L. This size provides maximum storage while retaining front panel functionality.


Dovetail Mounting System

T-slot channels have become a popular addition to roof racks, creating simplified installation of many roof rack attachments along the internal beams. But when it’s time to remove the accessory, you must slide the attachment across the entire rail which has the tendency to get hung up on dirt, pebbles, and other debris.

The BASE Rack takes accessories and cargo loading to an entirely new level of simplicity, speed, and personalization by incorporating a dovetail excursion around the full perimeter as well as along each of the internal beams. This creates more possibilities for mounting locations while also lowering the mounting point to complement the overall low-profile design of the rack.


Your Rack, Your Way

One of the core features of the BASE Rack is its overall flexibility and the ease of which it adapts to suit your needs.

The customizability is unmatched with over 50 different accessories and four different rail systems. The BASE Rack modular rail system is available in full rail, three-quarter rail, quarter rail, and trade rail configurations. All rail systems are also available separately.

The accessory range consists of but is not limited to fuel tank holders, awning brackets, spare tire straps, t-slot adapters, and lighting kits. It’s also compatible with aftermarket accessories such as t-slot attachments, mechanical jacks, recovery boards from TRED and Maxtrax, and Rotopax containers.

Full accessory list here.

Worried about clearing your garage? No problem! The dovetail extrusion accompanied by the ARB Quick Release Accessory Brackets means you can have the rack bare in just a few minutes.


Key Details

-51” X 61” Modular Rack
-Adds 3 5/32” (80mm) to the roof
-285lb dynamic load rating
-Maximum load per beam is 55lbs
-Loads must be evenly distributed and adequately secured
-Hardtop and roll bar mounted (requires drilling through the hardtop)
-Retains front panel functionality
-2 Door option is under consideration (feedback needed)
-Compatible with the full-line of ARB BASE Rack accessories

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